Getting visitors to your website is crucial, but it’s only the first step. Once they arrive, you need to hold their attention, entice them to explore your website, and eventually persuade them to become a customer. This ensures increased sales from new clients and repeat business from current clients.

All insurance agents should put a high premium on turning website visitors into insurance clients. Therefore, you should keep conversion in mind while you design, develop, and maintain your website. It requires a unified strategy that effectively communicates the value of your brand, is simple to use, and directs visitors toward conversion.

Make use of these suggestions to convert casual website visitors into insurance customers.

Keep the navigation simple

If you are an insurance agent and want your sales to be increased then your website ought to be simple to use. Keep your website visitors from getting lost in your pages. Add call-to-action buttons that are clear and prominently link all of your web pages together. Include a sitemap to explain further how visitors to your website can navigate your information.

Make it simple for website visitors to spend time on your site and find what they are looking for if you want to convert them. Make sure the page is linked to the other pertinent pages on the website, especially if you use Google Ads to direct traffic to a specific web page. CTAs are significant in this. They direct site visitors to the next step and how to get there.

Similar to a sales letter, your landing page’s goal is to clinch the transaction and convert website visitors. As a result, always sign off on correspondence with a call-to-action button that sends readers to the checkout page or to another activity where they may complete the necessary action.

Integrate Your Site with Social Media

If you integrate your social media pages with your website, visitors will glance through them whether they stay on your site or not. Moreover, many consumers feel more at ease reading your insurance plans on social media pages than on websites while researching it. Therefore, connecting to your social media accounts on your website pages is helpful so that people can visit them and find information.

If you demonstrate to website visitors that your brand information is available on platforms other than the website, you increase your chances of converting them. 

Therefore, if your company has a Facebook Page, add a Facebook icon to your website’s footer and link it to the Facebook page. Put an Instagram logo in the posts on your website and link it to your Instagram business account if your Instagram account is filled with images of your products.

If you include a social feed section on the page, you may even have a portion of your Instagram feed on your web pages.

Social media integration gives your brand good recommendations. This plays a vital role in turning website visitors into insurance customers.

Give your website visitors several ways to contact you

This is very important. Before purchasing insurance from your website, customers almost always prefer to contact you or your support team. They might even want to contact you before visiting your website. Because of this, the more ways you give them to get in touch with you, the more at ease they will be.

Adding a contact form to your website is a good solution in this case, which is the conventional method of giving your website visitors a straightforward way to contact you. You can also add a contact number like AAA Insurance customer service, Progressive Insurance customer service, or Progressive auto insurance customer service. However, building a live chat component inside your website is a more efficient and relatively modern approach. 

The likelihood that website visitors will convert considerably increases if live chat is provided on your site.

Your site visitors will be more connected with you if you develop it on Agent CRM since you can add a live chat widget.

Make your website more visible

Working on your site’s SEO will help it become more visible and discoverable. Your target audience will find your website in search results more readily with more search engine optimization. 

Google and other search engines will index your web pages more quickly than other websites if your on-site SEO is strong, and they will rank your web pages higher in the search results for the pertinent keywords. Therefore, you must conduct thorough keyword research and apply it to each website page.

Additionally, each of your web pages needs to have a proper meta description that is clear and exact. Use your relevant keyword phrases on each page of your website, and include them in your headings.

Build the confidence of your website visitors

Any visitor you are attempting to convert is likely to have never been to your site. They may not even be aware of your business.

Small and startup companies require more testimonials than well-known brands. Help visitors feel confident about purchasing insurance plans from your website by displaying obvious signals of trust, like:

  • A page about us to provide your company with tangible materials.
  • Trustmarks and emblems like the Better Business Bureau, TrustPilot, and Google Star Rating.
  • Your contact info. It is a good idea to put your company’s phone number in a less noticeable location, like your footer, if your brand name is well-known. If not, be explicit to show potential purchasers that they can contact your company quickly.
  • Chat feature for support.

Final Thoughts

These were five methods for converting website visitors into prospects and insurance customers.

However, be aware that your ability to convert website visitors depends significantly on the platform chosen to build your website and how it is made. Therefore, we advise selecting an appropriate website builder before implementing these tactics.

Agent CRM provides nearly all of the features and resources necessary to manage your website successfully and use marketing tactics that aid in converting website visitors into qualified leads.

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