Matthew Grice asked us, “How can I schedule texts to 100+ leads a day with individual photos attached (direct mail leads), and from different numbers for different states? Every text only comes and goes from my default number, I’d like to text from numbers local to the lead’s state.”


“If you are planning to send text messages to 100 leads per day, you can do a bulk action and schedule it using the drip mode:

text scheduling

You can create multiple users inside your Agent CRM account and assign them a phone number. That way, when you are logged in as that user all SMS will go out from that specific assigned number.
To know more, click the black question mark on the upper right corner of your Agent CRM and type in the keyword: phone number. It will give you suggested articles, be sure to check out this one:

understanding Twilio

But if you mean to say, send a text message every day to 100 leads, then you can do it inside a workflow and add a Wait action set to 1 day(s).
Let us know if these helpsss! 🙂”

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