Art Somma asked us, “Looking to see who is using the free giveaway funnel but to there own current clients. If so, how do market to them.”

“We have many clients that only market the Giveaway Funnel to their current clients to stay in the conversation.
You can set up the Giveaway Funnel in your account, and then market your campaign using:
? Email to your list
? Text messages to past clients
? Facebook Post on your Page
? Send a postcard to your database with an invite to join
On the back-end, you’d want to make sure that the same “triggers” are in place so that you’re notified when your clients go through the Giveaway Funnel. It’s a great excuse to call them and check in! ?”


Art Somma asked us, “Awesome! Thank you!, So when they go to giveaway is just to put in a chance to get a win at it only. Do they use it when they give a referral. I was on a zoom call and heard some use it also for clients to give referrals, can you give your input on both ways used for current clients”

“Great questions!
There’s multiple ways to use gifts as vehicles to get reciprocity, and you mentioned two of them:
1) Use a gift as an immediate reward when someone gives you a referral (I wouldn’t use a contest here)
2) Use a Giveaway Funnel campaign and only invite current clients. This is a fun contest, and the exclusivity of it being only available to current clients makes it a fun way for you to engage the people in your audience.”



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