Mike Mahurin asked us, “My Outback Steakhouse Giveaway ends on Friday 6/18, and I want to go on Facebook Live to give the prize away. The training in the library has the process on how to select the winner, but I don’t see anything about how to deliver the gift card to the winner? I can go to Outback’s website, and their gift card area allows me to select a gift card design and personalize it with the amount and special message. Does Branning Group recommend mailing a physical gift card, or simply sending a link for a gift card to the winner? I’m leaning towards the digital option, but just curious about pros/cons of either method. TIA”

“Either way is totally fine. But I recommend calling the winner and asking them how they’d prefer to receive the gift card ? That way they’ll know it’s on it’s way and they won’t miss it!”

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