David Facer asked us, “Is there a way to set it up so Agent CRM sends a certain number of emails to a specified number of contacts each week day out of a contact smart list?”

“For anyone else who may be wondering how this can be done, these are the steps you would need to take:
1. Create your email campaign under Marketing > Campaigns (AKA bulk email)
2. Go to your Contacts > Contacts/Smart Lists section, and select all 6k contacts that you are wanting to send your email campaign to.
3. Click “Add to campaign” button, then select “Add in drip mode.”
4. Set the “Batch Quantity” to 100
5. Set the “Repeat After” to 1 day
6. Click “Add to campaign/workflow”
Here is a video to help further explain: https://www.loom.com/share/c0b8395aed8b4302b1e1062b3f691751


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