Paul J Da Costa asked us, “Hi sorry to bother you again have a few questions.

1) I sent out a bulk email I can see 56 out of 59 were delivered but where do I find how many were opened? I have looked around but did not see anything?

2) My dashboard has the funnel picture and info. I have seen other dashboards with columns that say prospect appointment and other things not sure how do I get that info? again I looked around noting seems to pop out everything is hidden or difficult to find very frustrating. Thanks again Paul”

“1) Go to Contacts>> Contact Requests and select Bulk Actions at the top. Then filter it (in the right hand corner) to ‘Completed’. Next to the recent bulk action it says “Show Stats”. You can click this and then you’ll see the amount of delivered, opened, clicked, bounced, etc for that particular bulk action.

2) The dashboard doesn’t show appointments- those can be viewed under the scheduling tab.”