Phil Reames asked us, “I need to update the State field for a bunch of contacts. How do I do that?
I can go into contacts and get a list of the people I need to update but I don’t see a way to do it from there. I can add a tag which I could use as a workaround but the proper way is to update the actual state field.
Can I download the list to a spreadsheet, update the field and then upload the spreadsheet? Will that overwrite what is already there for the contact or will it just append the new info?
Please help.

“I’m 99% positive that downloading the spreadsheet and then uploading the same sheet, with the changes to the state field, will overwrite the contact record.

Since you do have a way to filter them, another workaround is to create a workflow with whatever trigger you can use and the action Update Contact Field. Here’s a screenshot of how it looks:”