How To: Instagram Comment-to-DM Automations



To optimize the workflow for responding to comments on Instagram and Facebook by using the correct match phrase and interactive messenger.

Key Steps

  1. Use “contains phrase” instead of “exact match phrase” when setting up the workflow.
  2. Ensure that the workflow responds to comments containing relevant keywords, even if the keyword is not the only word in the comment.
  3. Use Facebook interactive messenger when responding to comments on Facebook.
  4. Double-check that the filters are set to “contains phrase” for both Instagram and Facebook.

Cautionary Notes

  • Avoid using “exact match phrase” as it may limit the effectiveness of the workflow.
  • Make sure to respond to comments promptly to maintain engagement with followers.

Tips for Efficiency

  • Save time by using the same approach for both Instagram and Facebook.
  • Schedule a call if further clarification is needed to avoid errors in implementation.

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