Sandra Quinn-Bailey asked us, “I just did a FB ad. Not through the CRM?. Just totally forgot I could do it from there. It’s running for a week to promote a virtual webinar Sept 4th. Should I stop it & redo it from the CRM? I really didn’t know what I was doing & it took forever to figure it out. Your thoughts. I know the next one will be done through the CRM. Thanks.”

“You can connect your Facebook Lead ad to Agent CRM. I see that your Facebook is already integrated (which is great), so you will just need to go to Settings > Facebook Form Fields Mapping, then you will be able to map your Lead Ad Form into Agent CRM. ?
After doing this, all the leads that come in through your Lead Ad will automatically be added to your Agent CRM account.
This video Ryan made will show you exactly what you’ll need to do:…/22836891-map-facebook…

Along with that, you can set up a trigger to notify you when a lead comes in, add the lead to an email/text campaign, add a tag to their contact, and so much more!
If you’d like to do this, another video that Ryan made will help you out:…/22836892-facebook…

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