David Quiett asked us, “I tried replying to a follow up email but I have a question. I have set up a workflow for a text/email campaign. 1) Are the texts automatically set up for a “stop” request? 2) I thought I had paid to set up to cease the text/email campaign as a trigger once they have set up a scheduling time but it doesn’t seem to work that way. The prospects keep on getting the added workflow. How do I change that? Thanks”

“1. Yes. The phone system has a built-in feature that will automatically opt-out anyone who responds to your text messages with the word “stop”, “unsubscribe”, “end”, “cancel” or the sort.
2. You need to add the action “Remove From Workflows” and filter what messaging workflow you want them to stop receiving when they book on your Agent CRM calendar. Add this on your Appointment Scheduled workflow.”