Kevin Mason asked us, “Trying to import some leads from a .csv. My .csv has a “county” field that I’d like to import but I don’t see a “county” field in the drop-down to map to. How do I add “county” as a field to map to?”

“Step 1: Go to Settings –> Custom Fields

Step 2: Click “+Add Custom Field”

Step 3: Types of Custom Fields.
NOTE: Once you create a custom field, you cannot edit the field type. To change it, you will need to delete the field and create a new one.
Text – One-line Textbox Field
Large Text – Multi-line Textbox Field
Numerical – Number Field
Phone – Phone Number Field
Monetary – Monetary Field
Checkbox – Multi-option Checkbox Field (multiple options can be chosen)
Single Options – Dropdown Option Field (only one option can be chosen)
Multiple Option – Dropdown Option Field (multiple options can be chosen)
Radio – Radio (circular) Button Option Field (only one option can be chosen)
Date – Date Field
Textbox List – Textbox List Field
File Upload – Allows Files to be Uploaded (or required) with submission – Files allowed include PDF, DOC/DOCX, JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF
Signature – Signature Field
Step 4: Enter the Name of the Field
The Name of the Field is what you will see in the contact profile. This is also what will show on the HighLevel form/survey if “Show Label” is enabled.
Step 5: Enter Placeholder
Placeholder is what will show in the box (specifically for text or other manual entry fields) in a HighLevel form/survey
Step 6: Enter any other applicable information for the field'”