Greg Crawford asked us, “QUESTION: How do you use your domain for your landing pages without disrupting my main site on WordPress?
I connected my domain to Agent CRM but then my www.mainsite was redirecting to a landing page inside Agent CRM.”

“Use sub-domains for my funnels.
For example.
goes to my main WordPress website, but I use sub-domains like “free.” to go to a funnel”

Greg Craford asked us, “ah ok. Yeah I was using go.healthykids with clickfunnels. Do I have to buy a separate domain like that to do this? Thanks man!”

“You can setup unlimited subdomains with each domain you own 🙂
you setup the sub-domain in your domain registrar (GoDaddy for example) and then point it to Agent CRM
This video has the old interface, but the steps are the same:


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