Edwin Mezua asked us, “Does the email marketing integrate with Google workspace email, or is it separate? Looking to start sending out a newsletter for clients but wanted it to come from my domain”

“You don’t have to do any special integration to make this happen. ?
When creating your newsletter, whichever email address that you type in as your “From Address” will be the email address that your email newsletter sends from.
The sent emails are powered by Agent CRM, sending from our server called “Mailgun.”
This means the sent emails will not appear in the “sent folder” of your Google Workspace account.”

Edwin Mezua asked us, “Interesting. I will test one using my personal email address just to make sure its solid before doing a mass one. Also of I do a mass email for my newsletters. Will clients see the multiple email addresses that I sent it to, or just their info?”

“They won’t see multiple email addresses; they will only see their info. It will appear as if you only sent it to them. ?”

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