Leo Luna asked us, “Hello, I wanted to know if we are able to call out leads multiple times within the power dialer without it automatically going to the next lead? Also are their text message templates and the ability to send out bulk messages?Thank you”

“Hi! Currently, our power dialer calls multiple contacts one at a time automatically. This means you don’t need to go to the next one and dial manually. You can add them to the same list so you will be able to call them again.
We have a lot of FREE templates built out! Just check the Click & Play Library on the left side menu of your Agent CRM account. https://www.branninglibrary.com/…/15627928-request…
And, yes! It is possible to do various bulk actions to your contacts. Click the black question mark on the upper right corner of your Agent CRM screen and key in “bulk action”, it will then give you suggested articles based on it.”

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