After somebody books an appointment with you, Agent CRM can send an appointment confirmation immediately to the client and to you! You can also send a reminder to the client before the call. 

Step 1: Click on Marketing >> Campaigns >> Create Campaign (give it a name)

Step 2: Add yourself as a user and add your name and email to the campaign configuration settings. 

Step 3: Type out your email and use the following custom values so it autopopulates their appointment time and date: 

  • {{appointment.only_start_date}} 
  • {{appointment.only_start_time}} {{appointment.timezone}}

The appointment reminders will reflect the prospect’s time zone.

East coast books appt from a company that is on the west coast. The location (Westcoast) sees appt at 2 pm but the east will get the appt at 5 pm

We’ve outline everything for you step by step in the video below. Check it out: