Are you tired of spending countless hours trying to schedule appointments with potential leads? Do you find that the back-and-forth text messages or calls are inefficient and time-consuming? Look no further than ScheduleBot, the innovative AI appointment scheduling tool that will revolutionize your workflow.

As Greg Crawford found out, ScheduleBot streamlines the appointment booking process. With just a few clicks, ScheduleBot reaches out to your leads, allowing you to focus on running your appointments while the bot does the work for you. And it’s easy to set up! In just fifteen minutes, you can connect ScheduleBot to your Agent CRM Calendar and start automating your appointment scheduling.

ScheduleBot uses natural language to communicate with your leads, making it seem like they’re communicating with a real person. When your prospect confirms a time, ScheduleBot instantly adds them to your calendar and sends them a confirmation text. It works throughout the day and can “tap” your prospects on the shoulder if they haven’t responded, ensuring that your calendar stays full.

But that’s not all – ScheduleBot is capable of answering common questions that your prospects may have during the text message conversation. Not only does it save you time, but it also makes you look good! With no manual work required on your part, you can have dozens (or even hundreds) of conversations going at the same time, all while the ScheduleBot keeps track of your ongoing conversations.

And the benefits don’t stop there. The ScheduleBot can be triggered by your workflows, so new leads will activate the ScheduleBot follow-up instantly.

And the best part? ScheduleBot won’t cost you a dime! That’s right, it’s included in your Agent CRM account. The entire AI engine is loaded up in your account, and we even provide easy-to-follow training videos to help you personalize your ScheduleBot.

Don’t waste another minute struggling with scheduling appointments. Sign up for Agent CRM today and experience the success that Greg Crawford achieved. With ScheduleBot on your team, you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters – running appointments and closing deals. ScheduleBot is included, for free, with all Agent CRM accounts. 

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