If you’re an insurance agent seeking to amplify your success selling employee benefits to business owners, Agent CRM is your best tool. This comprehensive marketing platform is tailored to streamline and enhance the way you sell and manage employee benefits.

Alex Branning walked us through the steps of setting up Agent CRM specifically for employee benefits sales.

Key takeaways:

1. Setting the Stage: Introduction to Agent CRM for Employee Benefits

Agent CRM stands as more than just a tool; it’s a complete business in a box designed explicitly for insurance agents specializing in employee benefits. Alex Branning kicks off the tutorial by emphasizing the significance of configuring Agent CRM to optimize your approach to employee benefits sales.

2. Navigating the Employee Benefits Landscape with Agent CRM

2.1 Calendar Settings and Automation Workflows (0:02 – 2:10)

  • Dive into the essential calendar settings tailored to the unique demands of scheduling employee benefits consultations.
  • Explore the power of automation workflows, particularly in the health insurance and employee benefits space, to streamline lead management. Assign leads, add tags, and create opportunities seamlessly.

2.2 Automating Lead Management (2:10 – 4:30)

  • Witness the magic of the automation system designed for health insurance leads and, by extension, employee benefits leads. From pipeline additions to internal notifications, and personalized emails and texts, Alex guides you through maximizing lead value.
  • Learn about appointment setups, email reminders, and the inclusion of a power dialer for efficient lead calling at predetermined times.

2.3 Cross-Selling and Lead Generation for Employee Benefits (4:30 – 8:50)

  • Watch Alex cross-sell health insurance and employee benefits using email outreach. Alex introduces a workflow to initiate conversations with potential clients and drive sales in the employee benefits domain.
  • Alex edits the health insurance funnel, modified for specific employee benefit offerings. See how it becomes a powerful tool to get potential clients interested in employee benefits on the phone.

2.4 Zoom and Bulk Actions for Employee Benefits (8:50 – 10:39)

  • Learn the art of using Bulk Actions and Zoom for organized lead management and effective follow-up, especially in the context of selling employee benefits. Create opportunities that can lead to successful employee benefit policy sales.

2.5 Using Agent CRM for Employee Benefits Sales (10:39 – End)

  • Witness the application of Agent CRM in action for selling employee benefits. Alex showcases the ScheduleBot, an AI-powered SMS bot designed for effective lead engagement in the employee benefits arena.

3. Your Next Steps:

Ready to transform your approach to employee benefits sales? Take the next steps towards success:

  • Sign up for a free trial at Agent CRM and experience firsthand the game-changing features discussed in the video.
  • Engage with the supportive community in the Agent CRM Facebook group.
  • Use the live chat and Q&A sessions for immediate assistance.

Agent CRM isn’t just a platform; it’s your partner in maximizing employee benefits sales.



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