Agent CRM and HighLevel offer many of the same features, including:

– Insights
– Dashboard
– Pipelines
– Appointment Automations
– Reputation Management
– Funnels & Websites
– Lead & Client Management
– Easy Integration
– Mobile App

So, what’s the difference?

1.Built-In Features

Although many of the same features are included with both platforms, Agent CRM provides multiple built-in features that you will not find set up in HighLevel.

All Agent CRM accounts come pre-set with:

  • 1 NEW Phone Number (of the user’s choice), enabling 2-way texting and calling
  • FREE 6,000 Minutes of Phone Time Every Month
  • Unlimited Email Sending
  • Free Insurance Funnel Templates
  • Free Insurance Email/Text Campaign Templates

2. Support

Like Agent CRM, HighLevel provides support through Email and Live Chat.

However, Agent CRM goes beyond this minimum level of support by also offering Onboarding Zoom Sessions and Twice-Daily Live Q&A Calls for all users.

3. Cost Efficiency

A main priority of Agent CRM’s is for new users to spend less time setting up their account and more time growing their business. For this reason, Agent CRM is dedicated to bringing more to the table for less of the cost.

Agent CRM’s monthly subscription costs $47.
HighLevel’s monthly subscription costs $97.

Overall, Agent CRM users receive more cohesive built-in features and more support, while saving $50 every month.

Feature Agent CRM HighLevel
Insights Yes Yes
Dashboard Yes Yes
Pipelines Yes Yes
Appointment Automations Yes Yes
Reputation Management Yes Yes
Funnels & Websites Yes Yes
Lead & Client Management Yes Yes
Easy Integration Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes Yes
Phone Number Included Yes No
Phone Time Included Yes No
Unlimited Email Sending Yes No
Free Insurance Funnel Templates Yes No
Free Insurance Email/Text Campaign Templates Yes No
Onboarding Zoom Sessions Yes No
Twice-Daily Live Q&A Calls Yes No