Brandy Murray asked us, “I set up my ad campaign that started this morning. I have already reached 9,000 people with 9 clicks. I cant find the leads or figure out how to attach it to My CRM to receive the leads. I have watched the FB 101 but I don’t a website to use conversions as shown in video.
Please help!”

“Make sure to watch these 3 videos in the Facebook Ads 101 course:
– Create A Lead Generation Form (From the “Launching Your Ads” Chapter)
– Integrate Page & Ads Account (From the “Agent CRM” Chapter)
– Map Facebook Lead Ad Form (From the “Agent CRM” Chapter)
These 3 videos will show you how to create a lead generation form directly through your Facebook ads account, then integrate the form with Agent CRM.
This way, all of your Facebook leads will automatically import into your Agent CRM account. ?”

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