Step 1: Launch the ad

  • Go to “AdBase”. Click on the rocket ship (New Campaign) and select your niche, then your offer and click “Choose this template”

  • Select the folder you’re interested in, find your pre-approved offer. Once found click “choose this template”

  • Leave the campaign type as “lead form”. Set your budget (we recommend a minimum of $40/day), enter your agency’s website information, set your radius, choose your agency’s page you’d like to post the ad to, and your ad account you’d like to charge.

  • Select “launch Campaign”

Step 2: Map your form

  • Wait about 5 minutes for your offer to be created and sent to Facebook. Once your offer has finished being created and says it’s active, Then, go to settings > Integrations > Select Facebook Form Fields Mapping at the top.

  • Find your new form and click the “Map Fields” button. Make sure the fields match and then click “save”.

Step 3: Put the form in the corresponding trigger, active the Workflow and hit “save”

  • Leave the settings by selecting the “Go Back” button on the top left of your menu options. Select “Automation”. At the top select “Workflows”.

  • Find your folder and optin trigger for your corresponding offer.  Find the name of the exact offer. Click on the name of the offer to edit the workflow

  • At the top, click on “Facebook Lead Form Submitted”. Below “Facebook Lead Form Submit” select “Add Filter”. Then Select “In Form” then select your lead gen form that was created and you mapped in step 2. Select “Save” at the bottom right corner.

  • At the top right, select “draft” and changed to “publish” and then click “Save”

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