Matt Deivert asked us, “Are there best practices or a way to lessen your Agent CRM auto email/email address ending up in spam?”

“You can think of sending emails as a “credit-score” in the emailing world. There are many different factors that can positively or negatively affect your deliverability, but there isn’t a magic button to give you a better “credit score.”
However, there are a few good practices to make sure that your email doesn’t get marked as spam:
Only send emails to people that have given you permission to do so
Don’t make any un-believable claims in emails
Don’t use too many emojis or images
Don’t send out a blast email to a cold email list (this will get you marked as spam real quick)
Make sure your email list is clean (you aren’t sending emails to bad email addresses). If you find a bad email address then either correct it or delete it right away.
I would focus on those practices to build up your “reputation” in the email world so that this doesn’t continue to happen.”

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