We are so excited for the future of Agent CRM, our team, and our community.
I wanted to share what we’re working on, and give YOU a space to share what you’d like us to include in our plans.

📣 New Features on the Roadmap (short list of highlights, we’ve got a lot of other ‘small things’ in development)

  • Multi-line phone dialer
  • Phone script prompts
  • Gmail and Outlook email sync
  • Ordering custom fields
  • Facebook Messenger workflows (like ManyChat)
  • Simplified payment method updates
  • Dashboard Page enhancements (reporting and more views)
  • API documentation and enhancements (this will be great for custom development, and integrations with other tools like Insurance quote engines)


  • Hiring new team members on email and phone support
  • Offering new ‘Builder’ plans for monthly private done-for-you time
  • Increasing staff to help you on a 1-1 basis over Zoom
  • Potentially adding a third daily Zoom call and/or a weekend Zoom call

Just Released!

  • Workflows now have “Goals”
  • Data validation option (this is great for lead lists you purchase)’
  • “Team” plan that connects multiple accounts to each other
  • Facebook Ads dashboard inside Desktop Application
  • Google Ads dashboard inside Desktop Application

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