Welcome to Agent CRM! You’re here on this page because you either: 

  1. Noticed that Agent CRM looks a lot like your current system, or
  2. You are switching from another CRM similar to Agent CRM

Agent CRM is built on the “High Level” platform, which is popular amongst marketing agencies and other providers. 

If you’re on a system that resembles Agent CRM, there’s good news – you can easily copy over everything you’ve built into your brand new Agent CRM account!

On the flip side, if you decide to leave Agent CRM, we make it easy to take all of your data and assets with you so that you don’t lose anything in the transfer. 


There are two steps you need to take to move from one High Level platform to Agent CRM. The first is your snapshot, which your current provider will have to create for you.

Here’s the email to send your current provider so they send the snapshot to you: 


Hi [Company Name],

First of all, thank you for all of the help you’ve given me in getting this far in my business. I appreciate your help and your support.

I have decided to move to another marketing platform, and I need the snapshot from my account. I found the article on how to create the snapshot, here you go: 



Please send me the link to my account snapshot. I found this article that shows how to share the snapshot with me: 



Thanks again for all you’ve done. 


Please send the snapshot link to me as soon as possible. 


While you wait for your provider to send you the link, you should copy the contacts over from your existing account to Agent CRM. The contact list is not included in the snapshot so this will have to be done separately.

Here’s a Loom video showing you how to do this:


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