The new Agent CRM Enterprise Plan is here!

The “Enterprise” plan essentially comes with unlimited accounts for your office. We will set up an account for each of your agents. A separate account for recruiting, and an account for internal use (onboarding, messaging, etc.).

As you launch marketing campaigns for your partners, you can give them their accounts with Agent CRM. So that they can access and message their leads from the CRM, and more!

We have a clear exit plan in place. The Enterprise plan is month-to-month, and when you want to move on, we will send you a snapshot of each location. So that you can set up your own High-Level account if you choose. We never want you to feel like you’re held hostage or “trapped” — that’s not how we do business.

While your Enterprise plan is live, you can expect our team to assist all of your team members and marketing partners. With our 24/7 email support, our phone support, and our live chat within the desktop application; they get access to our Facebook support group. And they’re all invited to our daily Zoom calls at 7 am and 2 pm PST.

However, our goal is to give your agents the help they need. As soon as they need it so that they can focus on revenue-producing activities.

Your Enterprise plan includes ten hours of done-for-you time each month. These hours can be used to edit funnels, create workflows, set up text-in campaigns, review Facebook ad accounts, etc. There is no roll-over done-for-you hours; they go back to “zero” every thirty days, so make sure to use them up.

The text messaging and email delivery fees will require a credit card on the actual file for each of the accounts/locations you set up. However, this is easy to set up. And can be updated at any time by yourself, the agent, or the marketing partner that the account was set up for.

You will have access to our proprietary “Team” Dashboard. That allows you to copy contacts from one account to the next, round-robin leads amongst your team. Therefore, instantly add snapshots to your team members’ accounts, and more. We’re incredibly proud of this built-on module that we created to make intra-office sharing a lot easier on the Go High-Level platform.

As a bonus, you will have access to our entire Branning Library for your benefit. Inside the Library, you’ll have access to our do-it-yourself courses, swipe files, and much more.

The Enterprise plan aims to set up a marketing partnership between your agency and the Branning Group. We are providing the software, support, education, and done-for-you time so that you can focus on revenue-producing activities.

If you were to break down the $1997 by the hour over thirty days, you’re paying the Branning Group less than a general minimum wage employee, but you’re getting an entire team!

Let us know if you have any questions or if you’re ready to get started.

Email to take the next step.